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<b>Jens Eder</b>
Jens EderPrincipal Investigator
Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Jens Eder teaches at Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, Germany, and writes on narrative, politics, emotion, characters, discourses, and representations of humanity in audiovisual and other media as well as on cross-media strategies.

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<b>Britta Hartmann</b>
Britta HartmannPrincipal Investigator
Bonn University

Professor of film studies and audiovisual culture. She’s one of the editors of the scholarly journal Montage AV, which focuses on film and television studies. She received her Ph.D. from Utrecht University with a dissertation on the textual pragmatics and narratology of film beginnings. She is co-editor of an anthology on film theory and another one on filmic motifs. She lives in Berlin.

<b>Chris Tedjasukmana</b>
Chris TedjasukmanaPrincipal Investigator
Freie Universität

Chris Tedjasukmana is Visiting Professor at University of Vienna and Principal Investigator of this project at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. He is also co-editor of the journal Montage AV. His research focuses on political aesthetics and the public sphere.

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<b>Jonathan Guggenberger</b>
Jonathan GuggenbergerResearch Assistant
Freie Universität Berlin

Jonathan Guggenberger is a filmmaker and research assistant for this project. He studied Fine Arts at UdK Berlin, focusing on video and installations, before transferring to Freie Universität to study Film and Political Science.

<b>Raphael Flechtner</b>
Raphael FlechtnerSite Admin

Raphael Flechtner studied philosophy and film studies at Freie Universität Berlin and Université Sorbonne Paris IV. Currently, he continues his studies at Berlin School of Mind and Brain. As a former student assistant to Chris Tedjasukmana, he now serves as this project’s web administrator.

former collaborators
<b>Julian Radlmaier</b>
Julian Radlmaier

Julian Radlmaier studied film science at Freie Universität Berlin and film direction at DFFB. Besides his work as a research associate for this project, he works as a filmmaker.

<b>Dana Rostek</b>
Dana Rostek

Dana Rostek is currently studying art history at the University of Bonn. She worked as a student assistant to Prof. Hartmann.

<b>Neal Graham</b>
Neal GrahamResearch Assistant / Translation and Editing
Bonn University

After completing his Bachelor’s degree in philosophy and media studies, Neal is now pursuing a Master’s degree in media studies at the University of Bonn. He is also a research assistant to Britta Hartmann.