Catalin Brylla (Bournemouth University, UK / CESJ), Jens Eder and Tobias Gralke from the research project “Attention Strategies of Video Activism on the Social Web” invite you to join the Online Symposium “Social Impact of Audiovisual Media” on the 12th and 13th of Augsut 2021.

Angela Aguayo, Naima Alam, Florence Ayisi, John Corner, Frédéric Dubois, Patricia Finneran, Peter Hartwig, Samantha Iwowo, Dan Jackson, David Knight, Bettina Kurz, Andrew Lowenthal, Sue Sudbury

Catalin Brylla (Bournemouth University, UK / CESJ), Jens Eder (Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, Germany), Tobias Gralke (research project “Attention Strategies of Video Activism on the Social Web”, Bonn / Mainz / Potsdam, Germany, funded by Volkswagen Foundation)

Many films, videos and television programmes are produced with the intention of creating “social impact” – for example, reducing social discrimination, spreading environmental awareness or changing destructive habits. Media practitioners and researchers discuss a variety of impact strategies such as the emotional persuasion of large or small audiences, participatory production with affected communities or the targeting of individual decision-makers. At the same time, there is considerable disagreement about the feasibility and ethics of certain impact strategies, as well as about the concept of “impact” itself.

The symposium aims to stimulate an exchange between media practitioners, researchers, activists and other stakeholders to better understand the “impact” of audiovisual media in its various dimensions, challenges and forms, be they fictional or non-fictional.

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12th: 4 – 8 PM CEST

13th: 11 AM – 5 PM CEST

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