Buchveröffentlichung unter Mitwirkung des Forschungsprojekts:
‚Contemporary Radical Film Culture. Networks, Organisations and Activists‘
Herausgegeben von Steve Presence, Mike Wayne und Jack Newsinger

Am 16. Juli 2020 ist bei Routledge die erste Edition von ‚Contemporary Radical Film Culture. Networks, Organisations and Activists‘ erschienen. Der Sammelband beinhaltet u. A. einen Beitrag von Chris Tedjasukmana und Jens Eder zu ‚Video activism on the social web’.  Alle weiteren Informationen und Bestelloptionen finden Sie hier.

Das Inhaltsverzeichnis inklusive des Beitrags ‚Video activism on the social web‘ können Sie der Verlagsseite von Routledge, von Amazon oder Google Books entnehmen.

Der folgende Text ist leider nur auf Englisch verfügbar.

Comprising essays from some of the leading scholars and practitioners in the field, this is the first book to investigate twenty-first century radical film practices across production, distribution and exhibition at a global level.

This book explores global radical film culture in all its geographic, political and aesthetic diversity. It is inspired by the work of the Radical Film Network (RFN), an organisation established in 2013 to support the growth and sustainability of politically engaged film culture around the world. Since then, the RFN has grown rapidly, and now consists of almost 200 organisations across four continents, from artists’ studios and production collectives to archives, distributors and film festivals. With this foundation, the book engages with contemporary radical film cultures in Africa, Asia, China, Europe, the Middle East as well as North and South America, and connects key historical moments and traditions with the present day. Topics covered include artists’ film and video, curation, documentary, feminist and queer film cultures, film festivals and screening practices, network-building, policy interventions and video-activism.

For students, researchers and practitioners, this fascinating and wide-ranging book sheds new light on the political potential of the moving image and represents the activists and organisations pushing radical film forward in new and exciting directions.

For more information about the Radical Film Network, visit www.radicalfilmnetwork.com.